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Your portal to a wealth of exclusive resources. Six levels of membership will grant you increasing access to training materials, handouts, worksheets, online books, case studies, training programs, and much more.
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Six Membership Levels

Free Tools

Access to a library of resources, tools, and
case studies.

ROI Boot Camp

Access to a five-module program on how to calculate ROI using the ROI Methodology.

ROI Skill Building Workshops

ROI Institute's popular in-person workshops now in an online format. 

Virtual ROI Certification

ROI Certification includes a combination of on-demand lessons and live group coaching. 

ROI Network

This memberships connect you with other practitioners of the ROI Methodology.

ROI Implementation

This membership is for participants of our annual ROI Implementation workshop. 

Live Virtual Events

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Level 0: Provides access to free resources, worksheets, case studies, and e-books.
  • Level 1: This level of membership includes all the Level 0 membership materials and the online version of our popular ROI Boot Camp. Presented in five individual modules. Each module is split into additional lessons and includes videos, handouts, assignments, and a short quiz. After completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.  
  • Level 2 is coming soon. 
  • Level 3 is coming soon. 
  • Level 4 is coming soon. 
  • Level 5 is coming soon. 

Level 0 membership grants access to:

  • Resource Materials
  • Tools
  • Templates
  • Research Papers
  • Five Case Studies

Level 1 membership grants access to:

  • A Five Module video course split into multiple lessons for easy consumption  
  • Exercises and Quizzes after each lesson
  • The Bottomline on ROI 3rd Edition e-book
  • Level 0 membership access

What will I gain?

  • Understanding of the ROI Methodology
  • Ability to create an evaluation plan
  • Learn how to collect accurate and credible data using our proven data collection methods
  • Be able to analyze impact data 
  • Isolate the effects of data
  • Convert data to monetary value
  • Communicate results to stakeholders and executives
  • Calculate the ROI
  • Increase your funding 
  • A Certificate once you complete a short end of course quiz

Level 3 members gain access to: 

ROI Institute Virtual Certification Program.

Prior to the program Participants will:

  • Schedule and participate in an onboarding conversation with the facilitator.
  • Complete an assessment that will compare their profile to that of what ROI Institute defines as the ideal profile for an ROI Professional. 
  • Select a program or project to be evaluated using the ROI Methodology.

During the Program Participants will:

  • Review content posted in the ROI Certification Process Portal.
  • Complete exercises as described in each module.
  • Engage in weekly two-hour live virtual sessions using Zoom. 

Due to the nature of conversations, live virtual sessions will not be recorded. It is important that participants engage in all live sessions.

After the Program Participants will:

  • Submit their work completed to date.
  • Engage with the ROI mentor as they complete their study. 
  • Submit their study for final review,
  • Receive the Certified ROI Professional designation.
  • Engage with their cohort and other members of the ROI Network.
  • Continue taking action toward seamless integration of the ROI Methodology.

To sign up for each level, click on the desired level icon in the membership levels section above. Register by filling in the required information and if required provide your payment information. The purchased membership level will now be in your library. 


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